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Air-Powered Cut-Off Tools

Air-powered cut-off tools are dedicated, compact cutting tools that rotate abrasive discs or wheels to cut metal and other materials. They make cleaner cuts than angle grinders and are smaller to fit into tighter spaces. They set their wheel in a stable cutting position, so they don't have to be turned on their side and balanced like an angle grinder to make cuts. Cut-off tools are equipped with a wheel guard that deflects sparks, debris, and shattered wheel fragments away from the user. These tools run on compressed air and are typically lighter than corded cut-off tools to help reduce operator fatigue during extended use. They contain few moving parts, so they tend to run cool and have a long lifespan.
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CP861CP861 2 7/8" CUT-OFF TOOL T022039


CP874CP874 2 7/8" CUT-OFF TOOL T025375


IR326Ingersoll Rand 326 Cut-Off Tool