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72430034RS PRO 2027268 WT280x 3D High Speed Printer, Fused Filament Fabrication, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz


White355 X 267 X 410 mm1.75 mm3D Printing
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Vendor: Allied Electronics & Automation
Vendor SKU: 72430034
Manufacturer: RS PRO
MPN: 2027268
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RS PRO HS 3D Printer is a highspeed desktop 3D printer. It is 3-5 times faster than normal desktop 3D printers in market, with printing speed up to 450mm/s. It could be vastly used for 3D printing manufacturing prototyping, creative design, education teaching & training, family DIY, etc. The printing speed is a long-term pain point of desktop 3D printers. RS PRO HS 3D Printer is supplemented with new technology, fundamentally solves the technical problems of 3D printers, and improves the printing speed on the basis of not reducing the printing accuracy at all. Compared with other machines, its printing speed is 3-5 times faster with the same accuracy. It is real technological innovation. RS PRO HS 3D Printer is standard with dedicated HS PLA, which features lower melting point and better fluidity and compatible with ordinary PLA filaments in the market.