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Volition is the only online industrial parts marketplace, designed specifically for the needs of the hardware development world.

Volition enables hardware teams to find the right components they need for the job, while empowering industrial suppliers to acquire highly targeted customers that need just what they sell.

Suppliers can list their products at no cost and with minimal setup on Volition. A supplier only pays when customers purchase their products, and product prices on the Volition platform are the same as a direct purchase from a supplier.

The Volition marketplace runs on a data processing system that can ingest complex product data and harmonize it into a database. It operates as a storefront, with a variety of search methods that assists users in quickly finding, understanding, utilizing, and ordering the right parts for the job. The streamlined checkout process allows a user to order from multiple suppliers with one receipt and then track and manage their orders, in a process analogous to Amazon.

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Our Founders

Headshot of CEO Nick Pinkston
Nick Pinkston
Founder / CEO

Nick wants to transform how we design and build hardware from the ground up by creating the next generation of engineering and manufacturing tools.

A lifelong hardware nerd, he has always had ideas on how to improve the tools and processes. He believes deeply that remaking American manufacturing using new technology will lead to a more prosperous and healthy society.

His entire career has been dedicated to building companies to realize this vision, having founded multiple manufacturing tech startups such as Plethora (automated manufacturing), CloudFab (manufacturing marketplace), and HackPittsburgh (the first makerspace in Pittsburgh). He has also given talks on manufacturing and industrial policy to a wide variety of audiences including the Obama White House OSTP, SXSW, and FooCamp. He was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2016.

Headshot of CTO Jeremy Herrman
jeremy herrman
Founder / CTO

Jeremy Herrman is working to make the tools of invention more accessible. As CTO, he’s responsible for leading a talented team of engineers building the technology that organizes the world of hardware components to help everyone bring better products to market faster.

For over a decade, Jeremy has been working to create tools to accelerate the hardware development process. Prior to Volition, Jeremy co-founded Plethora (also with Nick), where he led the engineering team, focusing on automation of quoting, manufacturability analysis, and part production.

When he’s not helping the team solve a tricky engineering challenge, you can find him playing pinball, repairing vintage computers, and even programming multi-ton CNC mills to play music using cutter resonance.

Latest Press

May 4th, 2022
Volition Launches First-Ever Online Industrial Parts Marketplace, an Answer to Supply Chain Woes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Volition's new industrial marketplace might have arrived just in time; the company just launched a private beta version of their technology that may present a solution to our parts problem.

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