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We’re building the hub for hardware development.

the mission

Accelerate the pace of hardware innovation.

We believe that organizing the world’s components is the essential first step to achieving our mission.

With a foundation of the largest industrial catalog designed for part discovery and sourcing, we’re not only building a search engine, but we are building a tool to help individuals and teams more efficiently build better products at all stages of the development cycle.

Where we're from

Our Story

Our team are all hardware engineers and enthusiasts who have personally experienced the challenges of navigating the world of parts. We started Volition not only to make sourcing more efficient, but because we believe that by offering tools to understand what’s out there we can ultimately help people build better products.

Much of the Volition team has worked together at various manufacturing tech companies building software, hardware, and production systems that combine the latest technology from Silicon Valley with deep expertise across many manufacturing and hardware domains.

the Motivation

The industrial components market is highly complex and difficult to navigate.

Whether buying from a go-to vendor to avoid the extra time shopping around, or endlessly scrolling through general-purpose tools like Google, Amazon, or Alibaba - too often people settle for suboptimal solutions and waste a ton of time sourcing. We have experienced this firsthand, and heard this story repeated across countless conversations with Mechanical Engineers & Procurement teams. During the design phase and all the way to production: everything relies on what parts to use, and the current systems to find & buy those parts is a real drag on the speed of development.

When prototyping, understanding what's available not only saves money and time, but it can also expand an engineer's perception of what's possible and improve a design. When testing and moving towards production, finding parts with the right specs, availability, and pricing tradeoffs can be a constant juggling act that may require teams of people to manage.

We are building the ultimate tool to explore the world of components and remove barriers to the next wave of invention.

Volition's powerful tool for sourcing industrial components.

Our Tech

Industrial products are unique in that they have a ton of attributes & related documentation, there is minimal standardization across mechanical suppliers, and customers in this industry often need a lot of information before making a purchase.

To build a user experience tailored for this industry, we’re bringing the latest in data science tech to the industrial world. Our core technology allows us to organize massive amounts of product data across many vendors & formats into a harmonized database.

Our search engine has been optimized to rapidly search & filter across many millions of products with highly detailed product data. Our ability to create a quality experience over such a large amount of data from so many vendors is the secret sauce that makes Volition’s platform possible.

Explore the largest catalog of components on the internet.