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Volition is on a mission to build the future of manufacturing and a strong culture of continual growth.

Where We Came From: Volition was started by a group of friends who previously worked together building startups in the manufacturing space for over a decade. We learned first hand how difficult it is to build hardware and run production operations - both at our company and for our customers. Staying committed to our mission and each other has given us the strength to push through every challenge we’ve encountered.

Work Culture: We are a remote-first company because we believe the best people are all over the world and tapping into the right people for the right job will be core to our success. We believe that remote work, properly designed, can be more productive than an on-site office with its long commute times, endless distractions, and low flexibility for what life throws at you.

This is why we designed our culture and organizational systems to minimize time sinks like standing meetings (just one a week) and enable asynchronous work whenever possible so you can maximize your time in the zone and give you flexibility for the rest of your life. We do have in-person all team off-sites twice a year where we fly everyone to the same location for work and fun - so far in the SF Bay Area.

Our Management Philosophy: We work together as a team to set clear, realistic, and measurable goals, and then empower those closest to the action with the freedom and resources to figure out how best to hit them. We keep our full-time core team quite senior and give everyone a lot of responsibility and space to voice their ideas and concerns. We also value transparency in our plans, documents, and communications in general.

Our remote-first orientation also allows us to quickly bring in freelancers, agencies, etc. to magnify the impact of our core team, and we have many ongoing relationships that our team makes ample use of.

Personal Development: We believe in giving people the opportunity to learn from challenging projects, including ones outside of their comfort zone where they’d like to grow. We give them support and structure, but also the space to be creative and make mistakes - such is how learning happens. We also have a broad network of experts and advisors we bring in often to discuss everything from broad strategic questions to the fine details of a given plan.

Mission First: We focus every goal, plan, and action on achieving our mission.
Leverage: We develop our team, tools, and systems to magnify our impact.
Growth Mindset: We work to develop our whole selves: mind, body, and spirit.
Autonomy: We give everyone freedom and resources, and expect great things.
Tenacity: We pursue our work with a focus on steady, strong daily execution.
Solidarity: We treat our team, customers, vendors, and community as our allies.

• Significant stock options
• Healthcare (PPO/HMO options), dental, vision
• 401(k) Plan
• Home office equipment stipend
• Fully remote-first work environment
• Flexible work hours
• Unlimited time off
• Two team retreats a year (generally in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Open Positions

Lead Engineer / Storefront Owner (Full Remote)

About the Role: You will be the Lead Engineer on our marketplace storefront owning the entire customer experience. You will report to Cofounder and Head of Engineering Duffy Tilleman, and your mission will be to improve our customer UX by optimizing our search and filtering system as well as various user workflows, while ensuring everything is scalable to keep up with our growth.

You will own the technical direction for the storefront, help us make build vs. buy decisions, manage external teams of contractors as needed, and generally be the product owner for all things on our storefront. At your side will be a small, nimble team of highly experienced engineers, product managers, and beyond. As we grow, there will be opportunities to lead our expanding team and continuously push our product to become a cutting edge user experience.

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Full Stack Engineer (Full Remote)

About the Role: You will be a Full Stack Engineer working across all of our multiple applications from our core data system, to our marketplace storefront, to our admin tools. You will report to cofounder and Head of Engineering Duffy Tilleman, and you will be given a lot of responsibility to lead major engineering projects create new and improved software.

At your side will be a small, nimble team of highly experienced engineers, product managers, and beyond. As we grow, there will be opportunities to increase your scope of responsibilities and expand your experience as you continuously push our product to become a cutting edge user experience.

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Data Operations Manager (Full Remote)

About the Role: As Data Operations Manager, you will own the entire process of onboarding a massive amount of product data from our suppliers and partners into our marketplace. You will manage and scale a team of remote consultants who use our data engine interfaces to onboard, organize, and improve all aspects of our data and marketplace experience. As part of this, you will refine our processes and interfaces to improve our productivity, quality, and customer outcomes. You will report to our Cofounder and Head of Product Natalie Klapper and work across our team from sales, product, engineering, and beyond to make all of this happen. Running this process well is core to the success of our business, so you are guaranteed to see your impact everyday.

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