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Search across a massive catalog of industrial components to find the perfect parts for the job.

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the problem

Sourcing Isn't Solved

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Tedious Search

With so many suppliers in the world, it’s difficult to discover new parts and vendors. Even if you find options, it’s hard to compare across them apples to apples. This leads to suboptimal part selection & delays.

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Wasted Money

The ‘usual vendors’ are typically expensive, & more specialized vendor websites are often hard to use. Most people don’t shop around & end up grossly overpaying for even the most basic components.

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Frustrating Coordination

Hours are wasted every day just getting quotes, placing orders, managing logistics, & submitting internal reports. The busy work involved in sourcing takes development teams away from what they do best.

our solution
A preview of Volition's broad catalog.

Broad Catalog

An industrial-focused marketplace with the broadest catalog in the industry allows you to find unique products, discover suppliers, and find everything you need - all in one place.

Advanced Search

Multi-Modal Search

We designed our search specifically to help you explore the world of hardware components. Visually browse to discover something new, or try our other tools built to help you narrow in on parts that match your exact requirements.

Extensive Filters

We spend the time aligning specs across suppliers so you don’t have to. Utilizing our filters, you can select the exact specs you need to understand what's out there & compare all available options.

A view into Volition's searching tools.
Examples of the types of product data and assets that are easily available on Volition.

Accessible Product Data

We value transparency and aim to make all data easily accessible. This includes information like manufacturer, part number, pricing, datasheets, CAD files, manuals, and more - giving you everything you need to select the right parts and use them after purchase.

Streamlined Logistics

Unified Checkout

Purchase products from many suppliers in one checkout, and we handle the rest. This means one final charge for your order and just one expense report to file. Product prices on the Volition platform are the same as a direct purchase from a given supplier - no markups.

Centralized Order Management

Reduce logistics by managing all order information in one place, with one company to talk to. Products are shipped directly to you from suppliers to avoid any delays. We are connected to their operations so we can keep you in the loop and resolve any complications.

An example of how purchasing works with Volition.

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