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Life Jackets and PFDs

Life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) keep workers afloat in deep water. Life jackets have foam inserts and can be reused without recharging. Inflatable PFDs use a CO2 cartridge to inflate the jacket only when needed. They need to be rearmed with a new arming kit after each use.
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WB672100Datrex Lifejacket LED Light w/Clip, W4Datrex


WB672101Datrex Lifejacket LED Light, w/Recessed Clip, W4 RECESSEDDatrex


WB672102Datrex Rescue-Dan USCG/SOLAS/Med LED Light w/Clip, W3Datrex


WBB1963837Datrex Personnel Marker Light Stick w/Clip, Green - ER0056MDatrex


WBB1963838Datrex 6" SnapLight Light Sticks, Green - ER0051M-GNDatrex


WBB1963853Datrex 6" SnapLight Light Sticks, Red - ER0051M-RDDatrex


WBB1963854Datrex 6" SnapLight Light Sticks, Yellow - ER0051M-YWDatrex


WBB1963855Datrex 6" SnapLight Light Sticks, Blue - ER0051M-BLDatrex


WBB1963856Datrex 6" SnapLight Light Sticks, White - ER0051M-WHDatrex


WBB2004309Mullion 1MYGA3VP1 Flame Retardant Welders Inflatable Life Jacket, SOLAS/MED, Silver, Adult/UniversalMullion


WBB2004331Kent 153200-200-004-13 A-33 In-Sight Automatic Inflatable Work Vest, Orange, Adult/UniversalKent


WBB2004339Veleria San Giorgio VSMK10AM VSG Life Jacket, SOLAS/MED, Orange, Adult/OversizeVeleria San Giorgio


WBB2004341Veleria San Giorgio VSBS15M VSG Life Jacket, SOLAS/MED, Orange, BabyVeleria San Giorgio


WBB2004343Veleria San Giorgio VSCG2052IM VSG Life Jacket, USCG/SOLAS/Type I, Orange, InfantVeleria San Giorgio


WBB2114795Flowt 40007-OS AK1 Life Vest, Camo, Oversize AdultFlowt


WBB2114796Flowt 40000-UNVPK AK1 Life Vest, Orange, Universal Adult 4 packFlowt


WBB2114797Flowt 40003-OS AK1 Life Vest, Yellow, Oversize AdultFlowt


WBB2114805Flowt 40000-UNVPK6 AK1 Life Vest, Orange, Universal Adult 6 packFlowt


WBB2114806Flowt 40003-UNV AK1 Life Vest, Yellow, Universal AdultFlowt


WBB2114831Flowt 40007-UNV AK1 Life Vest, Camo, Universal AdultFlowt